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5 best Infinix phones on Aliexpress in 2024

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Looking for new Infinix phones on Aliexpress, but not keen on emptying your pockets? Seeking a stylish, reliable device that’s stacked with features? Look no further than this post.

Infinix phones have seen a surge in popularity recently, owing to their exceptional value and top-notch quality. These phones are built to deliver a premium experience at a fraction of the cost of big-name brands. And if you’re in the market for an Infinix phone, Aliexpress stands out as one of the best places to shop!

But with an ocean of options to navigate, how do you distinguish between Infinix phones on Aliexpress? Our comprehensive guide will steer you through the maze, help you to winnow down the choices, and identify the Infinix phone that’s perfect for you.

Whether you’re a technology zealot, a laid-back user, or anything in between, read on to uncover the top 5 Infinix phones available on Aliexpress!

Criteria for selecting the best Infinix phones on Aliexpress

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of our selection process, shall we? You must be wondering, “How in the world did we identify the crème de la crème of Infinix phones on Aliexpress?” Well, hold on to your hat, my friend, because we employed a set of rigorous criteria that ensured only the most magnificent phones made the cut!

First and foremost, we scrutinized the specifications of each phone, analyzing processor speed, RAM, storage, camera resolution, and battery capacity. We chose only Infinix phones with top-of-the-line specs, capable of operating at peak performance, even when tasked with the most arduous workloads.

Following that, we evaluated the design and build quality of each phone. We sought after phones that were not only stylish but also durable, possessing an appealing design that would make onlookers do a double-take.

But wait, there’s more! Another critical aspect we considered was customer feedback. We pored through thousands of customer reviews to gauge the reception of each Infinix phone by users. This allowed us to cherry-pick the phones that had an established track record of delivering unparalleled performance and user satisfaction.

Ultimately, our aim was to select Infinix phones on Aliexpress that offered the greatest possible value for money. We honed in on phones that struck the ideal balance between features, design, and affordability, ensuring that our top 5 picks provide unbeatable bang for your buck.

Now, let’s answer the big question: Why were these criteria so crucial? The answer is straightforward.

By employing this selection process, we were able to identify the Infinix phones that deliver the best performance, are built to last and are supported by satisfied customers. We believe that these factors are the foundation of any exceptional phone, and we’re confident that our top 5 Infinix phones on Aliexpress meet and surpass these expectations.

Best Infinix Phones on Aliexpress

#1. Infinix Zero Ultra

infinix-zero-ultra Infinix phones on Aliexpress

Hold onto your hats because we’re about to introduce you to the mind-blowing Infinix ZERO ULTRA 5G – the first phone on our list of top 5 Infinix phones on Aliexpress.

Let’s get down to the specs. Brace yourself, folks, because this device is packing 8GB of RAM and 256GB of ROM, with an incredible 13GB of extended RAM available.

It’s a powerhouse that can handle even the most demanding apps and multitasking scenarios with ease. And with an Arm Mali-G68 MC4 GPU and Android 12, expect nothing less than lightning-fast performance.

This phone’s screen is just as impressive, with a 6.8″ FHD+ 3D CURVED 120Hz AMOLED DISPLAY and a resolution of 2400*1080P. Prepare to be awed by the stunning clarity and vivid colors. But that’s not all! The camera on this bad boy is a real winner with a 32MP front camera and a rear camera setup that includes a massive 200MP primary sensor, a 13MP ultra-wide lens, and a 2MP depth sensor.

What really sets the Infinix ZERO ULTRA 5G apart is the battery. This phone boasts a massive 180W Thunder Charge and a 4500mAh battery, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice again. Plus, features like WIFI, Bluetooth, OTG, FM Radio, and GPS give you all the connectivity options you could ever need.

But wait, there’s more! The Infinix ZERO ULTRA 5G has a sleek and stylish design that’s sure to turn heads. And with full Netcom support, dual SIM dual standby (with 2 nano card slots), you’ll never miss a beat, no matter where you are.

In summary, the Infinix ZERO ULTRA 5G is a stunning phone that boasts unbeatable performance, design, and features. If you’re after a top-notch device that won’t break the bank, then look no further. This one is a definite contender.


#2. Infinix NOTE 11 Pro

Infinix Note 11 Pro
Infinix Note 11 Pro

The Infinix NOTE 11 Pro, it’s a true powerhouse. With a whopping 8GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM, you can switch between apps and multitask like a pro, no sweat!

Under the hood, the Infinix NOTE 11 Pro is fueled by an Helio G96 Octa Core CPU and an ARM G57 MC2 GPU, that delivers blazing-fast performance for all your apps and games. Plus, it’s got a huge 6.95″ FHD+ 120Hz Infinity-O Display with a resolution of 1080*2460P, making your viewing experience more engaging with striking colors and sharp details.

The camera setup on the Infinix NOTE 11 Pro is simply mind-blowing. The rear camera flaunts a 64M/AF primary sensor, 13MP ultra-wide lens, and a 2MP depth sensor, with Quad Flash Light that enables you to capture clear photos in dimly-lit environments.

With 30X telescope zoom, you can snap distant objects with amazing clarity. The front camera is also dope, with a 16MP FF sensor, and Dual Flash Light that brightens up your selfies.

The Infinix NOTE 11 Pro also packs a humongous 5000mAh battery that can last you all day. And with a 33W Super EU Charger, you can juice up your phone in no time. Other features include G-SENSOR, E-COMPASS, L-SENSOR, PROXIMITY SENSOR, SIDE FINGERPRINT, and GYROSCOPE, which provide added convenience and security.

All in all, the Infinix NOTE 11 Pro is a beast of a phone, with top-of-the-line features and unbeatable value for money. Whether you’re a power user or just want a phone that looks good and performs well, this phone is worth a shot!


#3. Infinix Note 12 Pro

infinix note 12 pro
infinix note 12 pro

The Infinix Note 12 PRO 4G is one of the phones you should consider – it’s a game-changer! This phone has a powerful Helio G99 6nm ultra power processor that’ll blow your mind with its lightning-fast performance for all your favorite apps and games.

The Infinix Note 12 PRO 4G also flaunts a jaw-dropping 108MP ultra-clear triple camera setup that lets you capture stunning photos and videos effortlessly. The 6.7″ FHD+ color AMOLED display will leave you speechless with its immersive viewing display, featuring vivid colors and sharp details that are breath-taking

The Infinix Note 12 PRO 4G has up to 13GB of extended RAM, with 8GB of built-in RAM and an extra 5GB of extended RAM that can be supported by an OTA upgrade. This phone is ready to take on anything you throw at it, whether it’s heavy apps or demanding multitasking scenarios.

And let’s not forget about the sleek design of this phone. The Infinix Note 12 PRO 4G measures just 7.8mm thick, making it one of the thinnest phones on the market. And with its 33W fast and safe supercharge, you can easily charge your phone in no time when you need to – no more waiting around for hours!

The Infinix Note 12 PRO 4G has a Monster game kit, loaded with features and optimizations that will enhance your gaming experience. And the dual speakers with DTS will give you a sound quality that’s out of this world, no matter what you’re listening to.

The Infinix Note 12 PRO 4G is the ultimate phone that offers unbeatable performance, design, and features. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line device that can keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle, this is definitely one to consider.


#4. Infinix Zero X Pro

Infinix ZERO X PRO
Infinix ZERO X PRO

The Infinix ZERO X Pro is a phone that truly deserves attention. It’s packed with incredible features that will blow your mind and leave you feeling perplexed and excited at the same time.

Let’s start with the RAM and ROM. This phone boasts an impressive 8GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM, which means that you’ll have ample storage space to store all your favorite apps, games, and files without worrying about running out of storage space. And with the Helio G95 Octa Core CPU and Arm Mali-G76 MC4 GPU, this phone is built for speed and performance that will amaze you.

The Infinix ZERO X Pro also boasts a stunning 6.67″ FHD+ AMOLED 120Hz display with a resolution of 1080*2400P. The display is so vivid and sharp that it will leave you speechless. And with the 108MP AF +8M AF+8M AF rear camera and 60X telescope zoom, you’ll be able to capture every detail in stunning clarity. The front camera is also impressive, with a 16MP lens that’s perfect for selfies and video calls.

The battery life on this phone is also exceptional. With a 4500(typ)mAh battery that can keep up with even the most demanding users, you won’t have to worry about running out of power. And with a 45W charger output, you can quickly recharge your phone when you need to.

The Infinix ZERO X Pro also features a range of sensors and connectivity options that make it a seamless and intuitive device to use. It comes equipped with G-sensor, E-compass, proximity sensor, fingerprint sensor, and gyroscope, all designed to provide an effortless user experience. And with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, OTG, FM Radio, and GPS, you’ll have all the connectivity options you need.

But what really sets the Infinix ZERO X Pro apart is its full Netcom capability and dual SIM dual standby feature (Nano SIM Slots x 2 + Micro-SD Card Slot x 1). This feature allows you to stay connected no matter where you are, making it the perfect device for people who are always on the go.

Overall, the Infinix ZERO X Pro is an incredible phone that delivers top-notch performance, design, and features. If you’re in the market for a device that can keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle, this phone is definitely worth considering. So go ahead and get ready to be amazed by the Infinix ZERO X Pro!


#5. Infinix Zero 20

Infinix Zero 20
Infinix Zero 20

The Infinix Zero 20 has been making waves in the smartphone world for its impressive specs and noteworthy features. At the heart of this phone is the Helio G99 high-powered 6nm processor, which brings unmatched speed and seamless performance to the user experience.

But the Infinix Zero 20 is far more than just a powerful processor. It boasts a massive 6.7” FHD+ AMOLED cinematic display that delivers an unparalleled visual experience. With this phone, you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows with astounding detail, crystal-clear picture, and vivid colors, which will completely immerse you in whatever you’re watching.

The Infinix Zero 20 is built on the XOS 12 operating system, which is based on the latest Android 12. This ensures that you have access to all the latest Google features and updates, as well as an array of additional features and enhancements from Infinix. The device comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of ROM, providing ample space for storing your apps, games, and files.

The camera system is another standout feature of the Infinix Zero 20. With a 60MP OIS dual flashlight front camera and a 108MP+13MP+2MP quad flashlight rear camera, you can capture spectacular photos and videos with ease. Whether you’re taking selfies or shooting landscapes, this phone’s camera system will not disappoint.

Battery life is always a concern with smartphones, but the Infinix Zero 20 has got you covered with its 4500mAh battery. With this battery capacity, you will have enough power to make it through even the busiest of days, and the 45W supercharge output ensures you can recharge your phone rapidly when necessary.

The Infinix Zero 20 is packed with a plethora of features that make it an absolute joy to use. From WIFI and Bluetooth to GPS and OTG, you’ll have all the connectivity options you need. The phone also comes with voice recording, FM radio, and a gyroscope, which gives you an unparalleled smartphone experience.

The Infinix Zero 20 comes with a dual nano SIM card slot and a micro SD slot, making it easy to switch between two SIM cards or add additional storage to your phone. Additionally, the device comes with a 3.5mm earphone jack, which makes it easy to listen to music, watch videos, or make phone calls using your favorite headphones.

All in all, the Infinix Zero 20 is a remarkable smartphone that offers exceptional performance, design, and features. It’s an ideal device for heavy users who demand a phone that can keep up with their needs, or for those who desire a phone that looks and feels great. If you’re on the hunt for a top-tier smartphone, the Infinix Zero 20 is undoubtedly worth your consideration.



In conclusion, Infinix has come a long way in the world of smartphones, and their latest phones are a testament to their dedication to innovation and quality.

The five phones we’ve reviewed in this post are some of the best Infinix phones on Aliexpress in 202,4 offering a range of features and specs to suit a variety of needs and budgets.

Whether you’re looking for a phone with a high-performance CPU, large RAM, ROM, a stunning camera, or a long-lasting battery, Infinix has got you covered.

So, if you’re in the market for a new phone, be sure to check out these amazing devices and take your pick!

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